Ditching the spreadsheets and delighting borrowers with Sitewire

Sitewire is an end-to-end draw platform from field to cloud. Allowing borrowers to submit their dollar request along with progress photos and videos on an easy mobile app. Independent, remote GC inspectors review and approve in hours. Funding is then automated so draws complete in about a day. is a community that amplifies insights from top investors, backed by the performance and portfolio in their linked brokerage accounts.


Sitewire came to Fullsend with the goal of building a native Android app from the ground up.


The Sitewire Android app is fully baked and in production using Kotlin and the latest and greatest Android design principles. The app is in maintenance mode as the Sitewire sales team ramps up. It's go time.

Fullsend Brought:

  • Android¬†Development

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