To 1 million donations and beyond with Givinga

Givinga is a Philanthropic Cloud Technology company that powers modern giving by providing tools that engage and reward donors and charities alike.


Givinga came to Fullsend with an emergency project to build a white label solution allowing their clients to raise money for covid relief. The partnership quickly grew as we were tasked with helping them with everything from product, development, to design.


Within 23 days, 12 hours, and 12 minutes of the first contact with Givinga, the covid relief project was live. It would go on to raise over $1m. This was only the beginning of an amazing partnership. Fullsend and Givinga built out a large technical team to create a suite of product offerings atop their existing tech and helping their partners integrate Givinga's platform.

Fullsend Brought:

  • Product Strategy & Management
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development

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